In-ear sleep

Who often dreams, knows the bizarre magic of nocturnal parallel worlds. During years, Bernese drummer Manuel Pasquinelli has drawn inspiration from those wandered visions for his compositions. He now mounts them to a suite with which he traces a slept away night. Thereby, different resting phases follow from gentle snoozing and falling asleep over first rough dream paths and slippery mazes through to threatening picture puzzles of deep sleep and the sudden awakening. With somnambulistic security Pasquinelli's quintet creates effects of amazing coherence. It entangles its sounds to minimal loops, which are modulated, broken and oscillated from spherical sound clouds to interlaced strange rhythm cascades. Dreamlike!

Frank von Niederhäusern

Dave Sumner about AKKU quintet on

Akku Quintet, Stages of Sleep:

Swedish quintet that aims to deliver the promised serenity, even when they get the heart rate to quicken a bit. Comprised of sax, guitar, piano & keys, bass, and drums (with some added glockenspiel sections, which makes sense, actually). Two feet in modern jazz territory, and not that far removed from the sound of fellow Swedes Klabbes Bank. Moody, even when raising its voice, strong melodies that drift for miles, and a rhythmic approach that is alive and kicking. Really enjoying this album. Find of the Week. (August 14, 2013)

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